BMW Sunningdale

Wentworth Doors were undertaken to supply a Retro kit to fit into the existing automation which had been causing problems for some time on the main entrance doors. Since fitting our system the door has been trouble free ensuring business can run smoothly.

Nisa Local

Wentworth Doors have recently carried out two installations on two Nisa Stores in the Hampshire area.

We under took the installation of an Aluminium Frame together with the Glazing and Sealing. We also installed the new System 20 Sliding Door Operator.


Wentworth Doors maintains a number of Budgens Stores in the Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire areas.

The agreement covers all aspects of maintenance including Automatic Doors, Roller Shutters & Shop Fronts.

All stores have a 6 monthly Service Agreement thus ensuring that any issues are eradicated prior to them becoming a problem. This is essential in retail premises that have a high footfall.

Mini Sunningdale

Wentworth Doors responded to an emergency call out to Mini Sunningdale. One of their existing main entrance doors had sheared off the ‘U’ channel which holds the door to the track.

The door had dropped and Mini were unable to secure the door and indeed the showroom. A Wentworth Engineer was despatched and the part was replaced and the door re-hung back in place allowing it to run smoothly once more.

Hillier Garden Centres

Wentworth Doors have attended a number of Hillier Centres. But more recently we carried out a repair to the Windlesham Garden Centres.

The sensor on the automatic door had become detached, meaning the door had to be left permanently open via manual release. The Aluminium channel was removed, a new sensor installed and tested. The channelling replaced and the doors switched back to Automatic and left operating with ease once more.