Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors can be used both internally and externally in a wide variety of applications. The operators can be found on a variety of sites from disabled access in private homes to high volume retailers. In places where the physical act of pushing or pulling a door is an issue, they provide the perfect solution.

Wentworth can offer both fully automatic and low energy swing door operators for both new installations and retrofit situations that can include new doors and screens, should they be required.

Our hydraulic swing door operators are available in both push and pull options offering versatility and when combined with a range of presence scanning devices, offer the highest level of safety.

Like all our door solutions, it can be easily interfaced with your access control and building management systems to provide a secure and easy to use entrance. This is also an eco-friendly door option with its low power consumption. For complete peace of mind, it has also received fire approval from the UK, Swedish and German authorities.

Our low energy swing door unit is one of the most flexible interior door operators available. It is virtually silent and can be easily integrated with locking and safety solutions. This makes it not only safe and secure, but easily adaptable to a wide range of environments including Hospitals, Residential & Care Homes and Places of Education.