Automatic Doors – Introduction

Automatic doors are becoming an extremely popular feature as an addition to any shop front.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is now actively in force and access for everyone, regardless of their limitations or disability, needs to be provided for in any premises whether it be retail, industrial or office. This type of entrance is especially suitable for areas where the footfall is at its highest.

Automatic doors operate once the fitted photocell beam has been broken by someone or something approaching the doorway. They close automatically once the signal has been restored and there is also a security feature that means the doors remain open should someone be stood in the entrance.

These doors are usually constructed using aluminium box section profile housing the laminated safety glazing. However, they can also be manufactured using a ‘frameless’ toughened glass method.

Their elegant design and efficient operation provide many business’s with an extremely practical but modern solution for everyday access.

Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding Doors are the hardest wearing and toughest of all the Automatic Doors and are used in high traffic places of business.


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Swing Doors

Automatic Swing Doors are compact and versatile and can assist access through any pedestrian swing door.


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Telescopic Doors

Automatic Telescopic Doors enable maximum opening widths and are available as single or Bi- parting models.


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Folding Doors

Automatic Folding Doors are ideal when space is tight but quick and easy access is necessary.


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Revolving Doors

The Revolving Door is available with two, three or four leaves and fulfills all the latest security and safety standards.


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Manual Doors

Manual Doors can be in alluminium or all glass systems. Alluminium products can be powder coated in any colour using a ral number chart.


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